Mission Statement


Psyche-dendron comes into being in 2009 as an Association inspired by scientific research, with the objective of integrating psychotherapy into a holistic view of the psychological needs that may arise during the lifecycle of any individual – in his or her complex nature as a whole person.

In actual fact, on the present scenario of clinical and scientific research in psychotherapy, collaboration between psychiatrists, psychotherapists and other areas of medicine is considered normal practice mainly – not to say exclusively – in the case of individuals with psychological and/or psychiatric diagnoses.

The basic line of thought shared by all members of the Psyche-dendron Association is that, whilst the specialist study and treatment of mental disorders in all their various forms have increasingly gained proven scientific acknowledgement of their own particular fields of expertise and competence, they have gradually become “isolated and self-centred”, resulting in far fewer exchanges leading to the promotion of scientific progress and learning.

The immediate result of limiting reciprocal cultural influences and exchanges between those who are responsible for care is that the single individual may often come to feel that the specialists who treat the various diagnoses of which (s)he is a bearer are competing with one another, instead of having the feeling that (s)he is being looked after “as a person affected by various different conditions”.

The Psyche-dendron Association thus springs from a practice of constant exchange between specialists from different backgrounds in psychology and medicine, with clinical and scientific experience that has matured in universities and hospitals and in public health-care and private practice.

Thanks to this ongoing dialogue, Psyche-dendron is committed to promoting a process of thorough scientific research based on sound methodology and unfailingly linked to a multi-disciplinary clinical approach, centring on the demands and needs of anyone who seeks contact, whether in the field of psychology, psychiatry or medicine.