Test and Research


For each of these tools Psyche-dendron has requested - directly from the Authors - formal authorization for the Italian translations and their use for research purposes only.

Those wishing to use these tools should therefore request permission from the Authors and inform the Psyche-dendron association.

In alphabetic order:  

Affect Valuation Index (AVI)

Prof. Jeanne Tsai & Prof. Brain Knutson  

Big Five Inventory (BFI)

Prof. Oliver John  

Clinical Useful Depression Outcome Scale (CUDOS)

Prof. Mark Zimmerman  

Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (CERQ)

Prof. Nadia Garnefski and Prof. Vivian Kraaij  

Dimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology – Basic Questionnaire (DAPP-BQ)

Prof. John Livesley & Prof. Douglas Jackson  

Inventory of Interpersonal problems - 47 for personality disorders (IIP-47)

Prof. Paul Pilkonis  

Measure of Attachment Qualities (MAQ)

Prof. Charles Carver  

Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Form C (MHLC-C)

Prof. Kenneth Wallston  

Perceived Health Competence Scale (PHCS)

Prof. Kenneth Wallston  

Perceived Medical Condition Self-Management Scale (PMCSMS)

Prof. Kenneth Wallston

Severity Indices of Personality Problems (SIPP-118)

Prof. Roel Verheul & Dr. Helene Andrea 


Some of these tools have completed the process of Italian validation, whilst others are still in the completion phase.

The Psyche-dendron association is happy to welcome any private and/or public person interested in serious scientific collaboration linked either to the process of validation of the tools, or to research involving the implementation of scientific knowledge in the field of psychology, medicine and Forensic Area.

The management committee of the Psyche-dendron association will examine all proposals for collaboration, in order to decide whether they are compatible with the association’s mission and the timing, procedures and resources necessary to reach objectives in line with their own standards and mutually satisfactory to both the association and the potential partners.

All collaboration will be subject to formal agreements and in the case of one or more of the tools being used for a research project the Psyche-dendron association will inform the Authors, as suggested by a gentlemen’s agreement between colleagues and indicated in the guidelines of the International Test Commission (ITC).

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